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The school was upgraded to provincial status in 2002. As a result, the physical facilities equally need to reflect the same.Most of the facilities were put up by local community and the parents. All the same, the school has received support of GOK through the Ministry of Education and the CDF.after changingto girls only in 2004 there is still the challenge of making it fully boarding.


a) Multi - storey Dormitory Complex - The project was started in March,2002 by the PTA\BOG.It will carry four floors.Currently we are doing the 2nd floor.

The whole structure was estimated to cost:

                        Phase        I               Sh.   4,347,303

                        Phase        II              Sh.   4,172,717

                        Phase        III             Sh.   5,405,220

                        Phase        IV             Sh.   4,714,500

                             Total                Sh.  18,639,740

                Actual expenditure so far as at 28th March 2011

                        Phase        I               Sh.   4,317,764

                        Phase        II              Sh.   2,282,682

                        Phase        III             Sh.   3,170,643

                                Total                        Sh. 9,771,089


We have received a total of KSh.1,800,000 from C.D.F.


We  hope to do the walling of phase 3 this year and have the students occupy it.  We,however,will face the challenge of availing the furniture (i.e beds and cupboards).


We received and launched our school bus on 8th October 2010.  Congratulations to all parents!!

We made a 50% down payment of Sh.228,500=.

Every year,(w.e.f 2011) we shall be paying in instalments as follows:

January                     485,889,25

May                          485,889,25

September                 485,889,25



            This will be done from 2011 to 2014

        By December 31st2010 we had collected Sh.1,659,029                             which had been deposited in a separate account.

For the year 2011 we have collected 1,305,796 as at 28th March 2011.

(c)                     BUS SHED

The arrival of the bus resulted in the need for a shed.  It has ended up becoming a bus-shed complex! The BOG/PTA decided to spend from the PTA Kitty. Far we have spent a total of

Sh.704,982.  The infrastructure Improvement Committee have been on the ground and kept bringing in change.

                      OTHER PROJECTS

The BOG/PTA have a great challenge to develop and improve on the school Physical facilities.

-Administration block

-Staff houses.  We managed to do renovations and come up with a matrons house

-Dining Hall

-3rd Laboratory


-Water tank for dormitory area.

-Ablution block

-Classrooms for 4th stream.

We thank the ministry of Education for identifying us as one of the schools for e-learning in the constituency.



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