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The school is linked  up in a partnership with a UK school - Stradbroke Business and Enterprise College(SBEC).This was began way back in 2002.There has been exchange visits for both schools.They share:


professional activities



In 2009 and 2010 the two schools had students involved in visits:our students visited the partner school in July 2009 and another group in March 2010.Students from the UK visited us in July 2010.In all the visits, members of staff are involved.

Our UK friends have also joined us in improvement of our schools infrastructure:

a)They assisted in the making of wooden double decker beds and cupboards for use in the dormitories

 b)They gave us  games equipment and uniforms.

c)They gave us warm clothing in form of T-shirts and jumpers.

This year we shall not have our group visiting the UK; we expect one teache to come over in July.

 We appreciate all the things we have shared together in this programme.


The school associate with some german friends over the years -Schupa Kenia.Every year the German friends make a visit to our school in May. We appreciate their kind gesture of sponsoring a big number of students.

We are very happy that they have contined to sponsor some of them to the university level.

We appeal to friends, well-wishers and persons of good will to join in this worthy course.


















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